About the Authors

Vital and Less-Than-Vital Statistics


Age: Twentysomething
Height: Between short and tall
Favourite X-Man: Morph
Facial hair: Negligible

Syd is the brains of this operation. Come to think of it, he's also the muscle. And he's the heart. He is much better than Steffan, who rarely even reads this website, in every way. He writes all the good jokes. He also draws most of the comic strips and inks all of them. He has won many awards in his lifetime, but would trade them all for a rocket pack.


Age: TwentysomethinglessthanSyd
Height: Shorter than Syd (also, less handsome)
Favourite X-Man: Nightcrawler
Being groped by Mike in this picture: Yes

Steffan is a complete waste of organic matter. He is responsible for all of the painfully awful jokes and things involving Charlton Heston and walking toilets*. Sometimes Syd even lets him out of his holding pen long enough to draw a comic. He likes Blink 182, Tsunami Bomb, and when Syd uses the wooden bat instead of the metal one to beat him.

*(NOTE: If you like jokes about Charlton Heston and walking toilets, keep in mind that these were a COLLABORATIVE effort.)

Neil Gaiman

has nothing to do with this comic, but damn can he write.

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